Who said it? John Lennon or Helen Keller?

Put your visionary prowess to the test. Take the eyesiteonwellness.com quiz.

Since January is a great time to confirm your destination and the best routes, we thought you might like to put your visionary prowess to the test. Take our quiz from EyeSiteOnWellness.com to see if you can match the visionary legend to their insightful quote.

As you might recall, ESOW underwent a major make-over in 2015 to refresh content and to make the site more engaging for members and the employers who rely on this site for compelling, engaging vision care information. To track the effect of our efforts, we identified key performance indicators generally considered solid gauges for consumer online engagement. So far, the make-over is looking good!

  • People are looking at more pages – At least 4 more each time they visit
  • Staying longer – At least 1 minute longer overall (that translates into about 20 “analog” minutes)
  • Return visitors are up – And, above industry average.

Check out what our employers and members are enjoying on EyeSiteOnWellness yourself.

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