Can you guess which department rocked another perfect score?

Within EyeMed walls there’s a team with an unprecedented 100% client satisfaction score for 9 years running.

winningGive it up for the implementation team! They are adding their 9th consecutive 100% satisfaction score to their growing list of accolades. Certainly an impressive feat! But landing a perfect score in a year where we brought in 2,500 clients, 2 million new members and large clients like American Airlines – with 12 team members – it’s nothing short of brilliant.

The implementation is EyeMed’s first chance post sale to make a positive impression. And the implications of positive impression vs. a negative one can last for years and impact our odds of renewing the client. The consistent, unyielding excellence of this team is a huge competitive advantage.

Each year, we survey more than 400 new and renewing clients in all employer segments. Clients weigh in on how well they were satisfied at each stage of the implementation process, from ID cards to open enrollment events. Our accomplished implementation team came through at every stage with flying colors.

Top 5 reasons why implementation added another feather to their cap this year…

    1. Onboarded new team members in every employer segment
    2. Provided in depth training for all associates on the team to ensure skills were up-to-date and razor sharp
    3. Improved efficiency through new processes
    4. Rolled out a program partnering newer associates with more experienced associates whenever a newbie was implementing a larger or more complex group for the first time – ensuring success for the client and additional hands-on training for the associate.
    5. Leveraged cross-functional partnerships when needed, particularly with new tools and products such as Know Before you Go, International Travel Solution and Target Optical® and Sears® coupons.

Will they make it a perfect 10? You’ll hear it here first. Thanks implementation for keeping our clients satisfied with EyeMed!

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