Industry’s first mobile vision app making headlines again

032216-02Members can now store Rx and schedule eye exam and contact lens reminders at their fingertips. That means you, too.

In 2014, we launched the vision care industry’s first mobile vision benefits app. But, we didn’t stop there. In the spirit of challenging the status quo and disrupting complacency, EyeMed IT, strategy and marketing forged ahead to add new functionality that would help close deals with clients as they make decisions for their employees. Ultimately, the app makes vision care easier for our members by giving them on-the-go access – on either their iOS or Android devices.

The new and improved EyeMed Members app is here where members can now:

  1. Store their prescription – it’s as easy as snapping a pic of their prescription.
  2. Schedule an eye exam reminder.
  3. Set a contact lens reminder – schedule their reminder for regular contact replacement, even if they have different scheduled for each eye!

How can you take advantage of these new functions?

  1. Update your EyeMed Member app.
  2. Review these detailed instructions for storing your Rx or scheduling your eye exam and contact lens reminders.

Staying ahead of the competition means continually innovating and coming up with new ideas to make vision benefits easier for our members so they can see life to the fullest.

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