Everyday Amazing program more than a magnet

Recognition program is about delivering job results beyond expectations and entry into a drawing for unforgettable prizes definitely doesn’t hurt.

Being rewarded by department leadership with an Everyday Amazing magnet is an outward sign that leadership is taking note. You’ve plowed through the toughest of projects and came out on top. If you received a magnet, proudly display it in your desk area. Let it serve as inspiration to continually persevere.

It could lead to a fantastic EyeMed prize! All it takes is just 1 entry into the end-of-year drawing. Of course, more magnets increase your odds. Just ask Abhishek Sahu and Brad Jordan who won trips to Aruba and Mexico, respectively, the last 2 years. Or ask Lance Dirr who added 12 magnets to his collection last year and won a $200 gift card to one of Cincinnati’s top restaurants.

If you’re new to EyeMed and wondering how you too can get in on the fun, here’s how it works:

Associates can be eligible for a magnet and an entry into the drawing by:

  • helping check off an eyeDo list item
  • delivering better than expected results and helping raise the bar in key RTB areas
  • being nominated for a SONO award

What happens next?

  • A leader nominates you
  • You receive a magnet
  • You’ll be entered into the end-of-year drawing for fantastic prizes (your chances multiply for each magnet your receive)

Wondering who has already taken in magnets this quarter? See our leader board.

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