Important reminder about annual bonuses

4/1 bonuses combined in regular bi-weekly paychecks.

On Friday, April 1, all eligible employees will receive their 2015 annual bonus. As a reminder, with HR Central, all wages and bonuses will be combined into your normal weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. In the past, you’ve received two separate checks: one for your wages, and one for any bonuses.

If you receive your pay via direct deposit, wages and bonuses will drop into your account at the same time. Please note that within this paycheck, only your bonus will be taxed at the supplemental tax rate. Your regular pay will be taxed at normal rates and your bonus at the rates you’re accustomed to for bonuses.

Questions? Contact the Luxottica HR Service Center at 866.431.8484, select the prompt for HR Central and then select the prompt for 2016 payroll questions.

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