Calling all associates to the April 26 All EyeMed meeting

Don’t roam; stay dialed-in and win prizes as we celebrate a big renewal.

041916-01600-3We’re securing the perimeter, casing the space and preparing to take the next All EyeMed meeting up a notch. We’ve even “secured” new seating in the upper level of the Mason-ette so everyone can sit comfortably. What’s in the “secret” sauce?

We’re celebrating…

  • One of EyeMed’s biggest renewal wins in history
  • 2 associates who started with EyeMed before it was even called EyeMed
  • A department that has been bestowed a key annual award for almost a decade
  • The Q1 Sono award winner
  • Everyday Amazing magnet standings

We’re keeping you updated on…

  • eyeTransform client migration
  • new reseller model successes
  • HIPAA and information security

We’re calling all EyeMed associates to take today’s quiz. Winners will be contestants in an All EyeMed meeting gameshow. Five contestants will be selected from among quiz entries with perfect scores and will be notified the morning of the meeting. Not only could you have a blast playing the game, but EyeMed might even pick up the tab for your next cell phone bill!*

And don’t forget to bring your cell phone to the meeting. You never know when a friend might need a lifeline.

We want to see you live and in person, but if you’re remote or can’t leave your desk, we’ve made it easy for you to connect to the meeting here.

*Up to $100, for one month.

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