All eyes on Team Encrypt! Can they do it?

Peters’ and Popp’s teams closest to pizza party perfection.

Remember the All Eyes on You training modules Lukas mentioned we must take? No one has earned bragging rights and a pizza party, but Team Encrypt, led by Gib Peters and Mark Popp, is leading the pack at 92.1%. Wanna know where your team ranks? See below.


  • Team Encrypt (Peters/Popp) – 92.1%
  • Team PII (Austin/Bonniol) – 78.9%
  • Team PHI (Haigis/Holley) – 74.4%
  • Team HIPAA (MacDonald/Matthews) – 71.3%
  • Team Shred (Rome/Hilst) – 63.3%
  • Team Confidential (Oscar/Gnanasekaran) – 53.9%

The first team to reach 100% compliance by May 31 will receive a pizza party, so don’t drag your team down! Be an ambassador and complete your training.

Did you know security breaches, data losses and unplanned outages cost healthcare providers more than $1.6 billion a year?1

Information security is always a priority, not just this month, but every month. Treat PHI like it’s your own. Don’t be careless with it, unless you like orange jumpsuits. And even then just go shopping on a secure eCommerce site.


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