We’re doing all the heavy lifting at the Q4 All EyeMed meeting

Tips to make it through the Q4 crunch as we prep for 1/1

The Q4 crunch is here as we prepare for 1/1/18, and in true EyeMed style we’re going make the lift a little lighter! Attend the October 25 All EyeMed meeting for bold and bright tips and other important updates to ensure it’s smooth sailing to 1/1. The meeting begins at 3:00 pm so come early and grab a seat.

In this quarter’s meeting, we’ll be coming together to highlight:

  • new hires
  • a 20-year anniversary
  • the Q3 Sono award winner
  • Everyday Amazing leaders
  • how we’re being recognized as a top ancillary benefits carrier
  • Q3 sales wins
  • how we can become advocates for the managed vision care industry
  • how we’re tracking to our goals
  • where we are with Facets migrations
  • NextGen wins

There’s a lot to talk about and a lot to celebrate! Join us next Wednesday as we get ready to count down to 1/1.

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