March new hires are here

7 new employees started their EyeMed journey last month

Welcome to several new hires who recently started their EyeMed journey. Give our newest employees a warm welcome and help them get acclimated to the vision benefit world and our bold, bright, compassionate and uplifting culture.

Don’t forget to squeeze in the unofficial tour of EyeMed including a stop at our iconic eyeDo checklist board and let them in on a few special penthouse secrets exclusive to EyeMed employees –where to find the EyeMed spa, pool deck and our unicorns. We’re seeing life to the fullest here at EyeMed!

Welcome to the following new hires!

Katie Anderson
customer management
Ryan Beatty
sr. sales executive
Janet Maloney
executive assistant
Shaun Rue
David Robison
operations service
Lindsey Holland
customer management
Roosevelt Merritts
account management
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