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Updated member tools make it easier to understand benefits and maintain healthy vision

At EyeMed, we take pride in turning the sometimes complex topic of vision benefits into an interactive experience that makes benefits easier for all constituents to understand. We recently made enhancements to Eye Site on Wellness to simplify the benefit process even further. Members, consumers shopping for vision benefits and human resource (HR) administrators can now feast their eyes on new tips to help them understand how to make the most of vision benefits as well as maintain healthy vision. Check out our recently launched Understanding Your Benefits tool for members and our refreshed Wellness Calendar for employers.

Interactive tutorial helps members better understand their benefits

Understanding the ins and outs of vision benefits can be daunting. Members often ask: How can I get find my member ID? How much will my frames cost? What will my out-of-pocket cost be? No worries, EyeMed is here to help.

The new Understanding Your Benefits tool points members in the right direction to help them find their ID number, understand what their benefit covers, see how EyeMed saves money vs. no insurance and determine how to use their benefits. And, we even provide a glossary that defines common vision benefit terms like “allowance,” but also not-so-common terms like “Photo-Refractive Keratectomy (PRK).”

The interactive site features the following information in a fun, interactive way:

  • Member ID: This section explains where members can find their IDs in their Welcome Kit or call the Customer Call Center so they have the information they need to create an account on Member Web and the Members App.
  • Benefits Breakdown: This section breaks down benefit coverage defining exam services, frames, lens and contact lens selections so members understand how to read their benefit summary.
  • See the difference: Helps members understand the value of investing in EyeMed vision benefits by outlining what they could pay, with and without benefits.
  • How to use your benefits: Armed with a member ID and a deeper understanding of how to make the most of their benefits, members are now ready to set up an account on Member Web so they can manage their benefits, look up claims, print a copy of their ID card and get special offers 24/7. This video gives them step-by-step instructions.
  • Quick Tips: Shows members how to sign up to receive members-only special offers or eye care tips through text alerts.
  • Glossary: With this online dictionary, members can be in-the-know on all things vision related, from A-Z.

EyeMed’s Wellness Calendar boasts fun eye health tips

HR administrators can take advantage of this unique, customizable calendar to promote eye wellness by leveraging this content for employee newsletters, email or their intranet. Each month features different themes and observances and is chock-full of articles, interactive features and tools—all related to eye health. Take a peek at the new, easy-to-use PDF version made expressly for HR administrators to keep employees in-the-know. See some of the topics covered below:

  • Email templates to send to employees: Outlines hearing discounts, special offers and kids’ exams
  • Ready-to-print posters for worksites: Promoting eye exam reminders and importance of eye exams for at-risk patients
  • Interactive games: Eye disease simulator, frame your personality quiz and color blind test
  • Educational Articles: Eye health recipes, vision safety, health risks to men, sports performance and diabetes vision management

It’s always reassuring to know when a tool is well received in the market, so we were thrilled to hear kudos about the Wellness Calendar from 2 of our clients, Konica Minolta® and Target Corporation®.

This looks absolutely fantastic. Can I hire your marketing department so they can do some work for us? ~Konica Minolta

Very cool interactive tool! This will be helpful for us as we think about slating messages throughout the year. ~Target Corp.

The Understanding your Benefits section and the updated Wellness Calendar are just 2 ways we’re continuing to enhance our member experience.

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