The summit is in sight

If one thing is clear from last week’s All EyeMed meeting, we have the tools to get to the top

We had a rockin’ good time at last week’s All EyeMed meeting. If you weren’t able to attend the meeting in person or via the live stream, see the recorded meeting here (password: EyeMed2019). Lukas guided us through the mountain terrain, and here are the highlights of our journey:

  • 4 employees reached impressive milestones this quarter—85+ combined years of tenure at EyeMed: Dean Colson (20), Elizabeth Fear (20), Cathy Holley (25) and Jim Wright (20).
  • We celebrated 30 OneSight service events for EyeMed’s 30th anniversary through a wrap-up video that included many of our own compassionate folks. Actually, being the enthusiastic OneSight supporters we are, we couldn’t just stop at 30 events—we captured 34! See the list here. Feel free to share a shorter clip made especially for sharing on social media.
  • On January 1, 2019, we reached 55.3 million lives—leaving us just a 7-million life gap to reach the summit.
  • At basecamp, we strategized how we’re going to close that gap. Check out the 2019 eyeDo checklist for the 5 pillars and strategies to help us get there.
  • Kyle Ledford received kudos in the form of the Q4 Sono award. See the spotlight here.
  • Dan Edelmann won the inaugural President’s award and a trip to Northern Italy for driving growth and innovation at EyeMed. See his nomination here.

Rock on, EyeMed!

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