Give it up for a combined 215 years at EyeMed

At Luxottica, reaching an anniversary is always exciting thanks to the complimentary eyewear certificate we receive, but a milestone anniversary doubles the excitement. Luxottica rewards tenure in 5-year milestone increments with a SECOND eyewear certificate that the employee or family can use. Now, that’s just cray!

Congrats to the following employees for reaching milestone anniversaries in Q4:

25 years
Lucy Bryant

20 years
Cheryl Hunter
Matt Palaggo

15 years
Marlo Warner
Miranda Williams

10 years
Angela Epure
Lauren Gundler
Megan Kelly
Sue Ioas
Tabatha Mayo
Michelle Ward

5 years
Carrie Batholomew
Amy Geltz
Josh Maag
Rob Mathews
Jessica Rawlins
Nita Scudder
Nikilkumar Surukanti
Jason Swanson

In the next several issues, the spotlight will be on Lucy Bryant, Cheryl Hunter, Julie Meister and Matt Palaggo. They’ll share their insights about being part of Luxottica and EyeMed for more than 20 years.

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