Salaried employees: Learn how to request and track time off going forward

If you’re a salaried employee, read the Kronos Training Guide for login details to request and submit time off. You can log in through any browser, through OneLuxottica App and Tools or download the Kronos app on your mobile device.

Any time off requests that fall under the following categories will need to be submitted to Kronos online or through the Kronos app:

  • PTO
  • Diversity Days
  • Vacation (Puerto Rico)
  • Sick days (Puerto Rico)

Need help?

For help on PTO balance inquiries and updates, including any PTO taken between 3/1/20 – 3/7/20 or Diversity Days taken between 1/1/20 – 3/7/20, the HR Service Team is available to assist. Log onto HR Central > click on the HR Service Portal tile > click “Chat or Email” (following the prompts for PTO/Vacation Balances) for assistance.

Questions? Contact HR Compliance or check out these FAQs.

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