Quenching your thirst during quarantine


Bekki Weaver’s Bespoke Blend: Dunkin Donut’s Hazelnut flavored coffee made in a Keurig with caramel macchiato flavored creamer.
Lauren Roller’s Affogato Affection: Double shot of Blue Bottle single origin espresso (may substitute 2 oz of strongly brewed coffee) over 1 scoop of Graeter’s vanilla bean ice cream and topped with chocolate shavings and hazelnuts.
Annaliese Hnat’s Vitaman C-offee: Squeeze up to a half of an orange into a tall glass of ice. Pour in strong ice coffee or cold brew (also good with a half/half mixture of cold brew and sparking water or tonic water). If you have time, candy the orange peels for a garnish/added treat.
Liz Romes Coffee in a Yeti: Make Starbucks Pike Place coffee in a Mr. Coffee. Add vanilla creamer and a dash of cinnamon. Serve in a Yeti coffee cup…it’s a game changer.
Kadi Smith’s Cinnamon Classic: Cinnabon, classic cinnamon roll coffee, made in a Keurig with Coffeemate Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavored creamer topped with sugar-free whipped cream.
Anne Leist’s Jamaican Me Crazy Blend: Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, freshly ground and brewed. Add vanilla almond milk and sugar. Serve hot in the morning and over ice in the evening.
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