Kudos to those who were recently promoted

Join us in celebrating the following employees who’ve been recently promoted. We’re excited for them to accept new challenges and push forward with the energy and passion it takes to continue charting EyeMed’s bold and bright future. Way to go!

Keep your eyes peeled for future spotlights on individuals who were promoted to director and above positions.

Monique Alvarez, coordinator, MES customer service
Jenna Beason, account executive
Barbara Biselli Violin Chagas, sr. manager, business development
Damion Dick, coordinator, data
Tara Dobkins, account executive
Julia Fannin, strategic account executive
Mikaela Fechner, analyst, data
Jenny Foster, sr. director, sales operations
Lauren Gundler, sr. director, client service operations
Megumi Hanashima, sr. manager, IT
Tawana Harris, coordinator, MES customer service
Jenna Harrison, director, operations
Tim Holmes, account manager
Kim Hopewell, sr. manager, business Data
Nora Jerels, specialist, provider relations
Kristen Keagy, coordinator, assignment cash applied
Tina Kidd, analyst, payments
Katelane Kirschner, marketing manager
Lisa Mathias, sr. analyst, plan set-up
Stacy Ortiz, manager, provider relations
Jennifer Perez, coordinator, MES customer service
Jaimie Peters, analyst, data
Andrea Queen, manager, assignment provider relations
Jessica Rawlins, account manager, strategic partner
Maria Rayo, coordinator, MES customer service
Alex Robert, MES data analyst
Cory Robison, account specialist
Jonathan Robison, account manager
Karin Robison, director- provider relations
Lauren Roller, sr. manager, compliance
Stephanie Skarke, sr. manager, SMB account management
Kim Surface, sr. manager, strategic partner
Jennifer Vogel, account executive
Caitlin Walsdorf, director, business development
Brenda Warson, business coordinator
Jeff Weak, account manager
Miranda Williams, sr. director, marketing
Ashlee Winner, strategic account executive
Tiffany White, manager, compliance
Jack Zoellner, sr. analyst, collections



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