Introducing a new marketing communication intake process

The new marketing communication process is intended to:

  • Give the requestor, or the Subject Matter Expert (SME), an upfront understanding of what elements they will need to ensure delivery of a communication plan or project in the most efficient manner

What types of communication projects should go through this process?

  • Administrative and/or operational updates that impact clients or brokers
  • Employee communications for The Word, In the Loop, Forward Thinking
  • Employee campaigns (Compliance Week, All Eyes on You, etc.)

Here’s the process:

  • SMEs will submit a Marketing Case ( with a very brief description of the request (a more detailed description is required in the next step).
  • Marketing will email the requestor a link to a survey monkey questionnaire asking for more details like (audience, who will review the communication once complete, does legal need to review it, what email specifics are needed, etc.).
  • Marketing will assign the project
  • Assigned Marketing contact reaches out to requestor to kick off project
  • Project is delivered
  • Marketing Case is closed

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